Venice, a place that truly will inspire any artist that visits this city. The atmosphere is busy yet peaceful perhaps due to the surrounding elements. You enter a certain awe when the sun reflects from the colourful surroundings and water of theGrand Canal. When you take a trip down the canals it makes you ponder on how each building was constructed and in fact how they remain standing when all you could see under each building was the water itself. The architecture of each bridge going along is different from size down to the miniscule detail to the layout of the steps.

The most influential place any artist could visit inVenicehowever is the enormous beautiful Giardini, one of the biggest galleries to visit. The layout was quite extraordinary a separate building for each country. Each building had a different design from fragile, to dominant modern to beautiful intricate designs such asHungary’s building. It had a very religious feel to it but the artwork inside couldn’t of been more opposite. The artwork created an uncomfortable feeling with the first art work which was sealed in a red light distressing the eyes, also including a video installation of two opera singers performing a script you see in the previous room continuing the journey of this car crash and photography certainly not what you expect to see in a religious looking building.

When one sees a sign for a country you instantly picture what will be inside the stereotypical icons of the country. TakeEgyptfor example, you would expect to walk in and see a museum of the countries iconic items. The amount of artwork presented in each building was interesting the choice as to why the amount was chosen, for example theEgyptbuilding only one work was presented a video installation across approx. 5 screens one piece of work but very effective it certainly created discomfort as you witnessed clips of riots, injuries that happened in the country. Perhaps another piece of work would distract for the effect wanting to be created?

The USA building was quite a shock, some of the artists included in the building weren’t from the USA, it was like an anti-USA feeling. When you’re presented with the first artwork, a statue laid on a sunbed, you don’t believe it sends a clear message ofAmerica. With every artwork there’s always a message from the artist either intentional or not. When entering a building for a country you expect a message to be created sending positivity for the country. But faced with artwork from artists that aren’t from the country the messages are mixed, there’s the message you create through instinct and the intentional message from the artist. For a viewer it could be uncomfortable and difficult to view the art for its purpose. All these differences between each building certainly bring the Giardini together into one big unsuspecting exploration.